Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I must have three kids or something?!

Wow, so it has been a mere 3 months since my last post and even then that was short. When they say Christmas season, they really mean season! I will let that be my other excuse for not being on here at all. Since then Hudson turned 4, Avea is mostly day time potty trained, and Elias is now 4 months and rolling over and giggling! Early February brought a very unwelcome house guest-RSV! Our doctor said we all had it but Elias had to be tested for it. I took him to the doctor twice in one week. The first visit, she told me he had a double ear infection and likely RSV. Two days later, when is breathing was labored we went in again. This time he was tested for RSV in the lab (cotton swab up his nostrils) and had the most inhumane X-Ray to test for pneumonia. The staff took Hud and Avea, and I went in with unsuspecting Eli. I had to strip him down, place him in what I can only describe as a saddle, and watch as they buckled two plastic pieces on each of his sides, and strapped his head in with a leather strap. Oh yeah-they gave me the privilege of holding up his arms while he sat screaming and fighting with all he head. After a few minutes, I just silently cried as I watched my little guy fight so hard that he fell asleep. From there, it was back upstairs for a Nebulizer treatment. Man, have those improved since I was a kid!! RSV was confirmed and we were told not to go anywhere for close to a weak. I was in shock and knew I would go crazy. That was one of the longest weeks as we were all sick to some degree. We are all well now, knock on wood!!!

I am trying to work with Hudson on letter recognition. He will start speech therapy once a week. I really hope that helps his articulation and also hope I am not stressing more than necessary. One of my favorite things Hudson says though is, "grake." This, of course, means great! This is his response to many questions!

My little pistol is really growing up as she is nearing 2 1/2 but really almost 16. Not a day goes by where I do not hear, " I do it!" She has already started arguing as well saying, "No it not!" She is sort of a bully to both or her brothers, but also gets along well with Hudson and tries very hard to be nurturing to Elias.

Oh yes! In the midst of sickness moving out of our house, I got a very rude wake up! Eli was in bed next to me, and all of a sudden I feel abundant moisture on my face! Apparently, I didnt fasten is diaper well enough (he was already naked due to dirty pajamas I was too exhausted to change), and he peed in my face!! That sure got me out of bed and starting the day!

Elias is very loved by his siblings and when he smiles, his entire body shows his joy. He is the strongest guy and already trying to crawl.  He also loves to stand when you hold his hands.

My life may be crazy and I may not shower until after lunch each day, but I am blessed! My job may not have promotions, raises, or business trips but I get to spend every day with my kids trying my best to raise them in love. God has really blessed Justin and I with 3 healthy, beautiful children.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I want to make sure I document funny things the kids say or how they say certain words.


Drink: "D"
Thank you: "Dee Doo"
Blanket: "Batey"

This past week or so Avea has decided she wanted to revert back to newborn habits and start waking up in the middle of the night. She lets out what I can only describe as a squak (sp) and a continuous one at that. After a while, Justin or I go in hoping to console her and she only says in the most pathetic voice, "Hoe me, hoe me." It is basically impossible to resist so we end up bringing her in bed with us where she kicks only Justin the whole night. :)
Last night, I heard that familiar squak and again tried to give it a few minutes. Next thing I know, Hudson is in there saying something like, "Avea, stop crying. You gah go back to sleep." Of course, that made things much worse. Justin brought her to bed and then Hudson was upset......No way I could have 5 of us in bed. Luckily, I was able to settle Hudson into bed with his lamp on and what he calls, "door big."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Want To See His Eyes

One of my favorite things Hudson says to Elias numerous times a day is, "I wanna see his eyes." I put little Eli where Hudson can see him and he just loves on him saying, "He is so cute." Now if that doesn't make your heart sing, what will?


I haven't blogged for months! I have surely wanted to but for quite some time couldn't get logged on to blog. Anyways, since then little Elias Randall joined us Tuesday morning, October 16 at 11:36am weighing in at an even 7 pounds and almost two inches longer than his siblings at 20 3/4 inches. He was only 4 days early, which for some would be amazing! With both Hudson and Avonlea being 10 days early we just figured it would be the same with Eli. I had SO many false alarms. One of those times I even called Mom at 5 in the morning and she came to our house only to go home a few hours later. For a solid week not a day passed that I didn't think in some way that could  be the day. I was literally going crazy and driving everyone else down the same path. Finally at my weekly appointment (October 15) I scheduled an induction for the next day. Justin came home early from a 24 and we were set! I went into labor that night about 10pm and called Mom about 2am. She came and this time she didn't leave. I as admitted around 3am and had the epidural by 6am. I was a happy camper and ready to take in the experience with happiness and contentment. Just before it was time to meet the little guy, Mom brought the kids in to say hi. Hudson was very timid and apprehensive but little Avea still got up on the bed. I started pushing about 11:15 and he was out by 11:36! I nearly popped a vein or two. I was so determined to get him out quickly. I had waited long enough! When Dr. Hughes handed him to me he was so alert and just stared at me. Justin got a bit teary eyed. It meant the world to me to watch my husband meet another one of his kids and see the joy in his eyes. We have had a rocky year but he still remains my constant and a man I love so much. Often times I am surprised he has stuck with me--I am not an easy woman to deal with! This entry is a little rushed but I wanted to get something in. Elias is now 16 days old and we are fairly settled in. It feels like we have always had him. His siblings adore him--often times too much as they kiss the heck out of him. Blessed sums it up. God has surely blessed the Raney 5.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Bjorn

On June 3 we said goodbye to Bjorn, who moved in with us just one week after we moved into our new dream home. He came from Germany to live with us for the entirety of a school year. This was quite an experience for us, but we one we would not trade. Bjorn soon became family and a big brother to our kids, especially Hudson.
Daily, Hudson would ask where "Bo" was and loved going upstairs to Bjorn's room to hang out and play Legos (or Leegos if you are Bjorn).

After nearly 10 months, it was time to say goodbye. This was very hard for Justin and I, perhaps harder than we thought. We spent his last week here taking him to dinner, ice cream, a movie, and mini golf. On his last night, we threw him what I feel was a very successful goodbye party.

The day we took him to the airport, while we were checking in our luggage, Hudson thought it would be a great time to start exploding on the suitcases and Avea. What I mean by this is showing his typical boy side and fake farting all over. There were enough people around that I was plenty embarrassed although the poor guy comes by this very honestly. My family is very amused by bodily functions, fake or real. Anyways, now that this startling side of me as been revealed. I think Bjorn really enjoyed a good laugh over Hudson. We headed up to security and while we were just taking it easy for a few mintues, Avonlea thought she may as well strip down. Off comes her tank top and next the shorts. This again created a small scene. I think those two knew that we all needed a good laugh before this teary goodbye.

All in all, it was a great experience hosting an exchange student. I don't think we could have had a better fit for our family. God provided us with an excellent experience!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and Oregon Coast

My Different Eaters

Hudson has always been a picky eater and still only likes a few select food groups--luckily, one of which is meat, so he can be sustained with something other than milk.
Avea on the other hand will try pretty much anything. In fact, today I had cleaned out the fridge just a little bit and thrown a few pieces of pizza (which we rarely do) from a few days ago. Not too much later, the kids were in the pantry--again. Avea walks out with those two pieces of taco pizza, joyfully eating them. I suppose there are worse things, but I have seen what goes in our garbage and was surely touching her pizza!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Only When Daddy Is Gone

It seems that all of the "fun stuff" seems to happen when Justin is at work-so a mere 60 hours a week. Today, we were at a peaceful moment in the day after spending a few hours outside in the sunny, yet brisk day. It was maybe 55 degrees and Avonlea took a swim--fully clothed and unphased by the temperature. We had come inside, eaten lunch, and were cleaning Hudson's room. Hud and Avea had left as I put a few of his clothes away. I walked out to our "great room" to find Hudson dumping baby powder all over the "hardwood" floors as Avea followed joyfully making footprints.  You can imagine my delight! There really is not a great way to clean that goodness up. I swept, used my Kirby, mopped. The only upside--baby fresh smell!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proud of My Faith

I am currently reading a book called The Sinai Experiment, which I can  best describe as a modern day interpretation of the Ten Commandments with challenges and avenues to force you to think differently or simply break your comfort zone. This week's commandment is "Don't Misuse My Name" One of the challenges is "to repent for misrepresenting God and hurting people in the process. Apologize to someone, even a complete stranger, for our inappropriate misuses of God's name."

I may be taking my own spin on the challenge, but what I would apologize for is hypocrisy of Christians, including myself. It is frustrating to see things in public like church billboards, facebook, and even the media, although much of that seems to have a bias. Regardless, of where it comes from,it is very saddening as a Christian to see what much of the world thinks of us. This reminds me of another book I have read with two small groups called They Like Jesus But Not the Church. Ouch, but spot on. I could sit here and ramble on about places I hear or observe my faith being slandered or misrepresented but am I not just as guilty? The only thing I can do is be bold enough to stand up for the Jesus I believe in and the Christianity I believe in. That pretty much terrifies me. Perhaps if I were presented with a chance to talk to someone it may be different, but it is the putting myself out into those situations that cause me to be vulnerable and change people's minds about my faith.

For now, I hope to just be more aware of how I and even my church represent the name of Christ and Christianity. I hope and pray to be bold when there is an opportunity and to make Jesus pleased with me. Afterall, I could have it far worse and truly be persecuted for my faith, even to the point of the death. I have so much freedom, but it seems the people that do not have any or that much more bold.

If you're reading this and disagree or even want to talk, I would truly be more than happy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Limeade, an envelope, and.....treasure

This is one of those stories I will look back on and it will be much funnier than when it actually happened.

After a typical laundry and cleaning Monday, it was time for the kids and I to get out for a while. We headed to Sonic for a little Happy Hour. I got each of the kids a Strawberry Limeade, so we were all happy with our drinks! Each of them so sweetly replied, "thank you." It was one of those moments my heart was just overflowing. Two adorable kids with treats in hand, sitting in the car looking out at a sunny, winter day.

We were headed to pick up Bjorn at track practice and had time to spare, so I took them to play at the school playground. About five minutes into it, Hudson decided that was the time he needed to, well, poop. He didn't bother to tell me, he just went. He comes waddling over with full pants swaying back and forth. It was one of those moments time froze. I checked the wipe supply--empty. No napkins as we are borrowing my parents car and my stash of napkins is in some junkyard with my van. Desperate I grabbed an empty envelope to get the "treasure" out of his pants. Naturally, gravity took over and it was now on the pavement. Awesome. I couldn't leave it there, so I try picking it up with an envelope--clearly an unmastered art. I now had poop on my hands and no way to clean it up. Remember those limeades? Well, that acted as my sanitizer/water and a fresh pair of Hudson's underwear, the towel.

From there I ran into a friend from high school who was there with her little girl, Avea's age. Her husband is one of the track coaches. We visited for a while and after that Hudson was at it again--this time, I had had it. The kid literally unloaded and there was no way I planned to salvage his underwear. Into the trash they went.

Needless to say, I was very ready for Bjorn to be done and to get those kids straight into the bath.

Tales of motherhood....ah.