Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Well I have resorted to being cliche but it is so true! Moving out of our home of over four years and back in with my parents has been an experience. On one hand I am so thankful that my parents are willing to welcome us into their home after they thought they had raised me and gotten me out! On the other hand, we left our home with so many memories including bringing both Hudson and Avonlea home to! "House shopping" is proving to be quite the roller coaster. We have found many homes we thought we could see ourselves in, make an offer, wait very impatiently on the offer and for one reason or another we still do not have a house on our radar, or at least not one that fits into our seemingly small budget. We dream to raise our family out in the country where they can learn the value or hard work, but where we can also enjoy the amazing Idaho countryside that God has blessed us with. It's a good thing the kids are so used to being at "Mema and Poppy's" as we do not actually have a physical home, but are blessed to have an amazing house to live in while we look for the "perfect" home to raise our family.