Friday, November 16, 2012

I want to make sure I document funny things the kids say or how they say certain words.


Drink: "D"
Thank you: "Dee Doo"
Blanket: "Batey"

This past week or so Avea has decided she wanted to revert back to newborn habits and start waking up in the middle of the night. She lets out what I can only describe as a squak (sp) and a continuous one at that. After a while, Justin or I go in hoping to console her and she only says in the most pathetic voice, "Hoe me, hoe me." It is basically impossible to resist so we end up bringing her in bed with us where she kicks only Justin the whole night. :)
Last night, I heard that familiar squak and again tried to give it a few minutes. Next thing I know, Hudson is in there saying something like, "Avea, stop crying. You gah go back to sleep." Of course, that made things much worse. Justin brought her to bed and then Hudson was upset......No way I could have 5 of us in bed. Luckily, I was able to settle Hudson into bed with his lamp on and what he calls, "door big."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Want To See His Eyes

One of my favorite things Hudson says to Elias numerous times a day is, "I wanna see his eyes." I put little Eli where Hudson can see him and he just loves on him saying, "He is so cute." Now if that doesn't make your heart sing, what will?


I haven't blogged for months! I have surely wanted to but for quite some time couldn't get logged on to blog. Anyways, since then little Elias Randall joined us Tuesday morning, October 16 at 11:36am weighing in at an even 7 pounds and almost two inches longer than his siblings at 20 3/4 inches. He was only 4 days early, which for some would be amazing! With both Hudson and Avonlea being 10 days early we just figured it would be the same with Eli. I had SO many false alarms. One of those times I even called Mom at 5 in the morning and she came to our house only to go home a few hours later. For a solid week not a day passed that I didn't think in some way that could  be the day. I was literally going crazy and driving everyone else down the same path. Finally at my weekly appointment (October 15) I scheduled an induction for the next day. Justin came home early from a 24 and we were set! I went into labor that night about 10pm and called Mom about 2am. She came and this time she didn't leave. I as admitted around 3am and had the epidural by 6am. I was a happy camper and ready to take in the experience with happiness and contentment. Just before it was time to meet the little guy, Mom brought the kids in to say hi. Hudson was very timid and apprehensive but little Avea still got up on the bed. I started pushing about 11:15 and he was out by 11:36! I nearly popped a vein or two. I was so determined to get him out quickly. I had waited long enough! When Dr. Hughes handed him to me he was so alert and just stared at me. Justin got a bit teary eyed. It meant the world to me to watch my husband meet another one of his kids and see the joy in his eyes. We have had a rocky year but he still remains my constant and a man I love so much. Often times I am surprised he has stuck with me--I am not an easy woman to deal with! This entry is a little rushed but I wanted to get something in. Elias is now 16 days old and we are fairly settled in. It feels like we have always had him. His siblings adore him--often times too much as they kiss the heck out of him. Blessed sums it up. God has surely blessed the Raney 5.