Friday, November 4, 2011

A True American Hero

Today my not so little brother deploys to the United Arab Emirates. I am just a small piece of this puzzle as I process the emotions running through my mind. I cannot even imagine but Char, his wife, and my parents are feeling, and none can truly feel how Caleb does. He has been in the Air Force for over 5 years now and received his orders for deployment one week after marrying Char in September. They have been through a lot this year as they lived apart for 9 months and when they were finally reunited, Caleb was called for duty. These men and women who enter the military knowing there is a possibility of deployment truly are heros, and that word does not fully express how brave and selfless they are. My thoughts are with all of us who love and support Caleb, but more than anything this will be a true time of prayer and diligent conversation with God. If you are reading this, please pray for Caleb, Char, our families, and anyone else in the midst of this same situation. My love, admiration, support, and prayers to my little big brother who is truly my hero. Love you Ssgt. Miyauchi USAF deployed to the UAE 11/4/11.