Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Limeade, an envelope, and.....treasure

This is one of those stories I will look back on and it will be much funnier than when it actually happened.

After a typical laundry and cleaning Monday, it was time for the kids and I to get out for a while. We headed to Sonic for a little Happy Hour. I got each of the kids a Strawberry Limeade, so we were all happy with our drinks! Each of them so sweetly replied, "thank you." It was one of those moments my heart was just overflowing. Two adorable kids with treats in hand, sitting in the car looking out at a sunny, winter day.

We were headed to pick up Bjorn at track practice and had time to spare, so I took them to play at the school playground. About five minutes into it, Hudson decided that was the time he needed to, well, poop. He didn't bother to tell me, he just went. He comes waddling over with full pants swaying back and forth. It was one of those moments time froze. I checked the wipe supply--empty. No napkins as we are borrowing my parents car and my stash of napkins is in some junkyard with my van. Desperate I grabbed an empty envelope to get the "treasure" out of his pants. Naturally, gravity took over and it was now on the pavement. Awesome. I couldn't leave it there, so I try picking it up with an envelope--clearly an unmastered art. I now had poop on my hands and no way to clean it up. Remember those limeades? Well, that acted as my sanitizer/water and a fresh pair of Hudson's underwear, the towel.

From there I ran into a friend from high school who was there with her little girl, Avea's age. Her husband is one of the track coaches. We visited for a while and after that Hudson was at it again--this time, I had had it. The kid literally unloaded and there was no way I planned to salvage his underwear. Into the trash they went.

Needless to say, I was very ready for Bjorn to be done and to get those kids straight into the bath.

Tales of motherhood....ah.

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Lesson Could He Possibly Be Teaching Me?

Wow is all I can really say about the past few weeks in my life. Overall, it seems my life has been fairly routine and drama free. Of course, there were times, but overall fairly mellow. This brings me to February. I suppose it all began when I decided to drive to Vegas for a convention with my friend Anna. Neither of us could leave until the evening so around 7pm we headed out on the barren roads to "Sin City" which could be a completely different post. What should have been a 10 hour drive turned into an exhausting drive comprised of a 40 minute detour, more wildlife and roadkill than a I have ever seen and what I deem to be a very power driven cop outside of a city I will not mention in Nevada. At 2 in the morning he issued me my first ticket in 6 years. Anyways, we arrived exhausted to Vegas about 6 am and snuck in 4 hours of sleep to begin a long weekend of full out convention. We headed home much less eventful and my new week began.

We have been busy looking for new renters for our rental home (aka first home we bought together and brought both kids home to). This is difficult as we want someone to live in our home that will take the same pride and care in it that we did for 5 years. The next day, Valentines Day, I found out a was pregant--a hunch I had, but it was now confirmed. We were not shocked as we wanted another--just not one due on our anniversary...again. Just like Avea!

We had an appointment to try reducing our interest rate on our home and so that is on our minds. Friday night, Justin and I had a much anticipated date night. We saw The Vow (which opens up with a car accident). On our way home, we were nailed by a young driver who failed to yield. Justin remained calm and heroic and brought our spinning car to a safe stop just shy of the edge of a country ditch road. Two hours, two sheriffs, and a tow truck later, we said goodbye to what is likely our totalled van. We came home around midnight, exhausted but so thankful our kids were not with us and we were safe, despite Justin's stiff and sore body. He had an unusual Saturday off due to the accident. Monday rolled around...just when I thought it was over. I was tending to my normal cleaning and laundry duties and Hudson was upstairs in his loft watching a movie. We have started closing the door when he is up there as our little adventurer, Avea, really likes to climb. She and I had gone in there and I left a minute while she played. She chose that minute to make me run as quick as I ever have once I heard what I knew was her head crashing down. I scooped her up once I knew nothing appeared to be broken, yet time stood still. That girl screamed her head off. Justin was at work, so I called my Mom, which I often do. I also called Justin and the nurse. By that time Avea had gone completely white and I could not keep her awake--she kept falling asleep on me, and that is not typical! The nurse and Justin said to take her to the ER, so I did. My Mom thankfully met me there as we sat there for 2 hours as they monitored her. All has been good since--with her at least.

We spent Monday evening at my parents and I was driving home fairly immersed in a conversation with Bjorn. I had looked down at the spedometer to convert mi to km and next thing I knew flashing lights grabbed my heart and sent it into very quick beats. I started to cry, panic, and talk out loud to God asking him to please spare me and ask what He wants from me? I was very honest with the officer about my speeding. I know those roads and the speed and I honestly try to abide by them, but we all get distracted talking right? I told him it was not our car and that we just had an accident. He was very gracious--if he hadn't been I would have lost it.

I sit back now looking and reflecting on the events of the last few weeks and just wonder what could He be teaching me or waking me up to? What will I look back at weeks and months down the road coming out of?

I am not sure how much more I can take, but as each thing happens....I roll with it.

I am thankful for my beautiful kids that bring me daily renewed joy, my husband who stands faithfully by me despite who I can be, and for my family who constantly is there for my dramas. If anything, it has caused me to be even more thankful and to communicate that to my God who is bigger than any ticket or accident.