Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Bjorn

On June 3 we said goodbye to Bjorn, who moved in with us just one week after we moved into our new dream home. He came from Germany to live with us for the entirety of a school year. This was quite an experience for us, but we one we would not trade. Bjorn soon became family and a big brother to our kids, especially Hudson.
Daily, Hudson would ask where "Bo" was and loved going upstairs to Bjorn's room to hang out and play Legos (or Leegos if you are Bjorn).

After nearly 10 months, it was time to say goodbye. This was very hard for Justin and I, perhaps harder than we thought. We spent his last week here taking him to dinner, ice cream, a movie, and mini golf. On his last night, we threw him what I feel was a very successful goodbye party.

The day we took him to the airport, while we were checking in our luggage, Hudson thought it would be a great time to start exploding on the suitcases and Avea. What I mean by this is showing his typical boy side and fake farting all over. There were enough people around that I was plenty embarrassed although the poor guy comes by this very honestly. My family is very amused by bodily functions, fake or real. Anyways, now that this startling side of me as been revealed. I think Bjorn really enjoyed a good laugh over Hudson. We headed up to security and while we were just taking it easy for a few mintues, Avonlea thought she may as well strip down. Off comes her tank top and next the shorts. This again created a small scene. I think those two knew that we all needed a good laugh before this teary goodbye.

All in all, it was a great experience hosting an exchange student. I don't think we could have had a better fit for our family. God provided us with an excellent experience!