Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I must have three kids or something?!

Wow, so it has been a mere 3 months since my last post and even then that was short. When they say Christmas season, they really mean season! I will let that be my other excuse for not being on here at all. Since then Hudson turned 4, Avea is mostly day time potty trained, and Elias is now 4 months and rolling over and giggling! Early February brought a very unwelcome house guest-RSV! Our doctor said we all had it but Elias had to be tested for it. I took him to the doctor twice in one week. The first visit, she told me he had a double ear infection and likely RSV. Two days later, when is breathing was labored we went in again. This time he was tested for RSV in the lab (cotton swab up his nostrils) and had the most inhumane X-Ray to test for pneumonia. The staff took Hud and Avea, and I went in with unsuspecting Eli. I had to strip him down, place him in what I can only describe as a saddle, and watch as they buckled two plastic pieces on each of his sides, and strapped his head in with a leather strap. Oh yeah-they gave me the privilege of holding up his arms while he sat screaming and fighting with all he head. After a few minutes, I just silently cried as I watched my little guy fight so hard that he fell asleep. From there, it was back upstairs for a Nebulizer treatment. Man, have those improved since I was a kid!! RSV was confirmed and we were told not to go anywhere for close to a weak. I was in shock and knew I would go crazy. That was one of the longest weeks as we were all sick to some degree. We are all well now, knock on wood!!!

I am trying to work with Hudson on letter recognition. He will start speech therapy once a week. I really hope that helps his articulation and also hope I am not stressing more than necessary. One of my favorite things Hudson says though is, "grake." This, of course, means great! This is his response to many questions!

My little pistol is really growing up as she is nearing 2 1/2 but really almost 16. Not a day goes by where I do not hear, " I do it!" She has already started arguing as well saying, "No it not!" She is sort of a bully to both or her brothers, but also gets along well with Hudson and tries very hard to be nurturing to Elias.

Oh yes! In the midst of sickness moving out of our house, I got a very rude wake up! Eli was in bed next to me, and all of a sudden I feel abundant moisture on my face! Apparently, I didnt fasten is diaper well enough (he was already naked due to dirty pajamas I was too exhausted to change), and he peed in my face!! That sure got me out of bed and starting the day!

Elias is very loved by his siblings and when he smiles, his entire body shows his joy. He is the strongest guy and already trying to crawl.  He also loves to stand when you hold his hands.

My life may be crazy and I may not shower until after lunch each day, but I am blessed! My job may not have promotions, raises, or business trips but I get to spend every day with my kids trying my best to raise them in love. God has really blessed Justin and I with 3 healthy, beautiful children.