Thursday, October 20, 2011

Help Mommy!

Today Justin wanted to give potty training with Hudson a try. He got out the "bribery" toy and brought Hudson into the bathroom, well, he carried Hudson in while he screamed, "Help Mommy!" I love that kid.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What do you say?

As stated earlier, my main goal in this blog is to be certain I document funny things the kids say and do, so there will probably be many short ones as I remember and observe funny things. My current favorite of Hudson: I am trying to teach him please, he does thank you quite well. If he wants something I naturally say, "What do you say?" His reply?? "Say" :)

Trying to conquer potty training-attempt 1,245!

I have been trying off and on for months to at least get Hudson to even sit on the potty! 99% of the time he screams, "Potty no!" I feel like I have really tried everything in the book of potty:) Books, bribery, candy, cool underwear etc. Justin wanted to buy Hudson a toy that we could basically flash in front of his eyes to entice him to try. At first Hudson ran to the toilet trying very hard to get something out, sound effects were included--mainly grunting. I found some very cheap Transformers stickers for Hudson's chart. For now, he has only gotten stickers for sitting on the potty, which lasts about 2 seconds. I know there is no rush and he is not 3 until December, but it is very hard when kids his age and even younger are trained! Justin and I often joke that Avea will be potty trained before Hudson. :)

Pictures of the kids at Avonlea's birthday party.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Puddle Jumping Intentions

Well, it has only been a few short months since I decided to start a blog, but I finally took a few minutes to choose a background I like and figure out the direction I want to take this "so called" blog. My kids are everything, so I am sure that 99% of my posts will be about them. If I can be consistent enough, then I will blog about the funny, cute things they do and the milestones they reach that I love, but perhaps others may not. Then someday if there are enough entries, I plan to print it into a book to give to my kids. I am hoping that by blogging, the stories will remain just as vivid as when they happened, so my kids can one day relive it.