Saturday, April 28, 2012

Only When Daddy Is Gone

It seems that all of the "fun stuff" seems to happen when Justin is at work-so a mere 60 hours a week. Today, we were at a peaceful moment in the day after spending a few hours outside in the sunny, yet brisk day. It was maybe 55 degrees and Avonlea took a swim--fully clothed and unphased by the temperature. We had come inside, eaten lunch, and were cleaning Hudson's room. Hud and Avea had left as I put a few of his clothes away. I walked out to our "great room" to find Hudson dumping baby powder all over the "hardwood" floors as Avea followed joyfully making footprints.  You can imagine my delight! There really is not a great way to clean that goodness up. I swept, used my Kirby, mopped. The only upside--baby fresh smell!

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