Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So my intent for this blog was to boast about how blessed and lucky I am to have the life I do and especially the amazing kids I do. As I write I must remind myself of that. Since this new year hit many small obstacles have presented themselves. Ones that really force me to look at the person I am, but lately the bumps in my road have been bills. Yeah, what an exciting topic for anyone crazy enough to read this. It seems all of the bills thought January was the perfect time to present themselves. HOA fees, dentist bills, and almost 300 in a gas bill! I have no idea what we did to incur this amazing little gift, but it is easily 6 times the amount of our normal bill. Simply--I do not have the money to pay all of these bills right now. Even as I blab and vent now, I must catch myself. I am blessed. I am blessed much more than probably many people that live right here in my town. I have never gone hungry. I have never not had shelter. I have never not had power...well except the first night we moved into our first house we bought, but anyway! God is providing! We are blessed with 3 jobs and we do have income. Things will work out. This entry may just be therapy for me as I deal with the stress of being "grown up." I must remind myself that to most of the world, I am extremely wealthy and my complaining is nothing compared to the trials that many people face.

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